Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Molly!

   So I just wanted to add some of the most amazing baby photos that I took recently of my cousins first child! Here she is Ms. Molly...I offered to create a baby announcement for her and here are some of my favorite shots! Of course when I found out that she was having a girl I had to start crocheting cute things for her! Below is a newborn nest that I crocheted. Since babies grow so fast the nest was a tad bit small but the picture turned out perfect!

  We then moved little Molly onto her stomach and I caught her at the right moment! She could barely lift her tiny head up and with my magical photography skills I got the shot! She is so innocent & adorable.

"Special Delivery!"

   The hat that she is wearing below was the second thing that I ever knit! The peach colored pom pom hat is her mommies favorite hat, so of course I have to make more!

More cuteness!

Here is the final birth announcement...

I am interested to hear some of your opinions...I would greatly appreciate any & all comments that you have! I am thinking about bringing photography back into my life again, maybe even starting to make a little profit off my photography experience. I have been looking into purchasing an SLR digital camera to start creating photography or graphic designs for friends & family. If you have any projects that you want done please let me know. Maybe even some crochet or knit items for photography props...I am open for business!

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  1. very cute! love the "nest". let me know if you need ideas for printing - i have had really good luck with the ones i've been using. also - when do we start a business?